1990's OBS Chevy and GMC Trucks and SUVs

For everyone out there with the Last Real Truck made, here is a page dedicated to the 1990's Chevy and GMC trucks and SUVs.
We carry LED taillamps, LED interior kits, LED 3rd brake lights, HID low beam and high beam conversion kits,
LED high beam conversion kits, Super bright LED under hood lighting and so much more for the Ck trucks and SUVs

We offer the HID kits in:
  • 3k Gold
  • 4300k OEM White
  • 6k Pure White
  • 8k Arctic White
  • 10k Blue
  • 12k Purple

Low Beam HID Kit

Comes With:
Entire HID Kit in the color of your choice

9006 Options
9006 HID Color

Included in every headlight:

  • HID bulbs (pair)
  • Ballasts (pair)
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Zip Ties

High Beam HID Kit

Comes With:
Entire HID Kit in the color of your choice

9005 Options
9006 HID Color

Ballast Info:

  • Slimline Series
  • Weatherproof Connectors
  • AC Canbus Digital
  • 12 volts
  • 35 watts
  • 23,000volts

High Beam LED Kit

Comes With:
LED's come in 6k color


LED Interior Kit

Pick Your Color

White LED Reverse Light, LED License Plate Light


LED Tailights, LED 3rd Brake Light and LED Reverse Light Combo

Pick your Vehicle

1990's OBS Chevy and GMC Trucks and SUVs Hi Beam all on mod


All I had to do was splice into two wires (tan and light green on my 97 Tahoe) with provided scotchlocks. What was weird is I was doing electrical work on my Benz later that day and found the same relay as mentioned below (with #30,85,86,87 posts), in a bag full of old electrical crap.So I could have done the mod a long time ago for $0... oh well There are instructions in this forum on how to do it, here's a file I put together from several posts:
here's the instructions. the colors are from an OBS tahoe..YMMV. all this was done from the harness thats on the drivers fender beside the fuse panel(under hood). Connect a FUSED wire from the + post in the fuse panel to #30. Tan wire to #87. Light green wire to #86. Ground to #85. You need to check everything with a test light to make sure your wires are the same color. Total cost= $5.00. total time= 20 min or so.
From another post: quadbeam light instructions for 88-02 these are 2 seperate instructions for making all 4 headlights come on when the highbeams are on. the 1999 have negative switched circuits. (not for use on WTs or OBS cheyennes....) List of things to get 1.relay- 4 prong,w/ #85, #86, #87, and # 30 posts. common relay for additional lights 2.some scotchloks like four or five 3. some wires... doesnt matter what color as long as you can tell them apart 4. some zip ties and electrical tape 5. some connectors for the relay to the wires. (spade or blade type) 6. a screw to mount the relay, and one to ground the relay 7. an inline fuse 88-98s 1. mount the relay on the inside fenderwell near battery 2. run a wire(green) from#87 to the low beam wire... you will need a test light 3. run a wire (Black) from #85 to a good ground with a self tapping screw or straight to the negative battery terminal 4 run a wire (white) from #86 to the high beam wire... test light helps. 5. last run a wire ( yellow) from#30 to the + side of the battery with an inline fuse. 6.tape up your connections and zip tie the wires... test it out first though..

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