Replacement Parts

If you are experiencing an issue with one of your parts or are looking for additional parts here they all are available to be purchased separately.
If you have any questions about which part you need please feel free to call us at (909) 646-0982.
Also, when purchasing new bulbs do not forget to select the color in which you are looking for.

Replacement Parts

Pair of Bulb Out Warning Modules

Bulb out warning modules

Pair of Resistors

Wiring Harness

relay harness

Resistor Harness (Pair)

resistor harness
bulb size

Pair of Ballasts

35w Ballast

Pair of Canbus Ballasts

Canbus ballast

H4 High/Low Harness

H13 High/Low Harness

9004/7 High/Low Harness

H4 High/Low HID Bulbs (Pair)

H4 bulb

H13 High/Low HID Bulbs (Pair)

H13 bulb

9004/7 HID Bulbs (Pair)

9004/7 bulb

H1 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H1 bulb

H3 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H3 bulb

H6 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H6 bulb

H7 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H7 bulb

H8/9/11 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H8 H9 H11 bulb

H10 HID Bulbs (Pair)

H10 bulb

880 HID Bulbs (Pair)

880 bulb

5202 HID Bulbs (Pair)

5202 bulb

9005 HID Bulbs (Pair)

9005 bulb

9006 HID Bulbs (Pair)

9006 bulb

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